Remote Call Forwarding Is Essential When You're On The Go

One of the most stressful things about running a small business is the feeling that you've always got to be waiting in the office for phone calls. What if you step out and an important call comes through? An "out of the office" message could be just the thing that makes a potential customer or client pass your business up and try another. Remote call forwarding is a simple and inexpensive service that takes care of this for you. It sends the calls straight to you no matter where you are so that you can take care of business.

How Remote Call Forwarding Works

There are all kinds of remote call forwarding services with more features than anyone knows what to do with. But they all work in basically the same way. When a call comes through and there's nobody in the office to pick it up, the call gets redirected somewhere else. You can decide where this call gets directed - either to another line within the office, to your cell phone or home phone, or even to a mobile internet device. Then, wherever you are, you can take the call.

Remote Call Forwarding Options For Your Business

As mentioned earlier, each remote call forwarding company offers tons of options - much more than you probably need. But the good thing about this is that you can fully customize your office phone system to meet your needs. First, sit down and decide which services are most important to you. For example, you probably need a few basics like call forwarding, call waiting and voice mail options.

Another feature you might consider is automated blocking. You can use this to keep those annoying sales calls from coming to your cell phone. You can also choose caller ID and other features that help you screen calls. One of these is called "call whisper"; this allows the system to tell you directly who is calling.

You can also shop around on a call forwarding company's website to get some ideas. But don't get carried away; think about the features that are most important to you and let this guide your decision in choosing a plan.

A More Professional Image

One extra that you'll find these services offering is that they can help you improve your business's image. People love small companies because they're small and friendly, but a little image boosting makes you look more professional. For example, many of these services offer personal toll free numbers. They also let you choose a local virtual phone number if you're out of the immediate area. When customers call the local number, they're re-routed to your office. These are little things that go a long way in making your company look more professional.

The main advantage of remote call forwarding is that it gets the calls you need to you, no matter where you are. That means you don't have to hire staff just to answer phones, and also that you can take those coffee breaks or walks around the block without worrying about missing calls!