Man Before God?

Christianity, an extension of Judaism, claims that Jesus is divine. God in the flesh. But isn't this in essence putting a man before God? You'll see the trend of man in place of God continue in religions historically rooted in Judaism. For example, Christians worship Jesus and Catholics praise Mary the Mother of Jesus. Islam's concept of Jesus differs but shares some similarities with Judaism. Islam does not view Jesus as God incarnate (a physical manifestation of God). When you think about it, the concept of the Trinity in Christianity is the antithesis to Monotheism or Oneness (an idea central to Abrahamic religions).

Man Before God?
Why do I think the question, man before God, is important to ask? Because when Religion removes the exaltation of a man before, in place of, or next to God you realize that all of our faiths in a God can be correct. Perception is often greater than reality.


People say Religion and Science are two sides of the same coin. Deism follows the reason and logic found in Science along with the faith in a higher power found in Religion. Though I wouldn't call myself a Deist the main theology of Deism follows reason. It reasons that everything in the world has a creator, and follows the logical conclusion of their being an ultimate creator or Higher Power.

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Taio Cruz

Taio Cruz (Pronounced Ty-O-Cruise) is a Nigerian British, producer, songwriter, singer and performing artist.
His new album entitled Departure was released in the UK on March 17, 2008. He has so far released 5 singles from the album [and wrote] arranged, performed and produced the album himself.
Simon Cowell has hired Taio Cruz to write and produce tracks for Leona Lewis and Shayne Ward. Proving how in demand he is, Cruz is currently in Philadelphia working with superhot US producer Jim Beanz, on new music for Britney Spears, Brandy and Justin Timberlake.
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Gay Stereotypes: Are They True?

Gay activists often criticize media coverage of gay pride parades, saying, correctly, that the media focus on the extreme, the more flamboyantly feminine men and very masculine women. But that's not us, they say. Most of us are just like everyone else.
Northwestern University psychology professor Michael Bailey has spent years studying human sexuality. He says sexual orientation is something people are born with, and this orientation makes some gay men more feminine. But, we asked Bailey, isn't stereotyping harmful? "Denying stereotypes means that people have to disbelieve what is right there in front of their eyes. That can't be a good thing," Bailey said. "Furthermore, there's nothing wrong with being a feminine man or a masculine woman."
Source: ABC News