Jesus Was A Democrat

Jesus Christ didn’t have blue eyes or blond hair
He looked just like all those people that you want to kill
Spin your hell into a heaven you can sell
Make it look like California with a bible belt
Jesus didn’t look like the boy next door
Unless you live in Palestine
I wonder what you mean by the golden rule
I think it is a scary play on words
I wonder what they taught you back in Sunday school

Source: Lefsetz Letter

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The Matrix

What's the thought process behind stereotypes? Stereotyping is the behavior of a simple mind, it's way of understanding people. Difference is an anomaly. Maybe the mind needs time to process and adjust to differences. However, categories limit your vision and undermines the complexity of humans. Breaking the norm, literally challenges the mind and elevates consciousness.

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Against Nature?

Today we know that homosexuality is a common and widespread phenomenon in the animal world. Not only short-lived sexual relationships, but even long-lasting partnerships; partnerships that may last a lifetime. 

The exhibit [Natural History Museum, University of Oslo] displays a small selection of the more than 1500 species where homosexuality has been observed. This fascinating story of the animals' secret life is told by means of models, photos, texts and specimens. The visitor will be confronted with all sorts of creatures from tiny insects to enormous spermwhales.
Source: University of Oslo

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Change The World Through Social Media

Blogging, social news, peer-to-peer philanthropy, micro blogging, social networking, wikis, video sharing, and more. These are the new agents of change.
Source: Sustainablog
The source article discusses change regarding Sustainability issues. However, I thought the introduction was fitting in a more broad and general sense. The message remains true. Communication, the internet, and social networking are going to further unite and change the world.

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Two Spirits

Two-Spirit (also two spirit or twospirit) people are Native Americans who fulfill one of many mixed gender roles found traditionally among many Native Americans and Canadian First Nations indigenous groups. Traditionally the roles included wearing the clothing and performing the work of both male and female genders. The term usually implies a masculine spirit and a feminine spirit living in the same body and was coined by contemporary gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender Native Americans to describe themselves and the traditional roles they are reclaiming. There are many indigenous terms for these individuals in the various Native American languages as "what scholars generically refer to as 'Native American gender diversity' was a fundamental institution among most tribal peoples."
Source: Wikipedia

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