Man As Machine

Higher order reactive programming
Reactive programming can be purely static [fixed] where the data flows are set-up statically, or be dynamic [adaptive] where the data flows can change during the execution of a program.
Source: Wikipedia

Static vs Dynamic Data
"In computer science, a static data structure is a data structure created for an input data set which is not supposed to change within the scope of the problem. When a single element is to be added or deleted, the update of a static data structure incurs significant costs, often comparable with the construction of the data structure from scratch. In real applications, dynamic data structures are used, which allow for efficient updates when data elements are inserted or deleted."
Source: Wikipedia

A second programming paradigm, Object Oriented Programming, is said to be modeled after paradigms of reality. The model is similar to the real world and the idea is to have, like the name suggests, an object oriented programming language with objects that interact with each other. Similar, Objective Oriented Reactive Programming also exists. Code is a language used by programmers to communicate with machines. Could genes and genetics be similar? With language and behavior being our forms of communication and genetics our code? Fixed and adaptive qualities of behavior oppose each other but is one greater than the other or do both serve a purpose? If static [fixed] is less progressive than dynamic [adaptive] qualities, Humans like machines could be mentally, socially or genetically reprogrammed from fixed to adaptive.

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