The Illusions of Maya

The illusions of Maya (demarcated from truth and falsehood - to play on its truth it's also the name of 3D modeling software used to create renderings, or illusions, of reality). Illusions are neither demarcated as true or false but are antithetical to the senses and distort them, making our perception appear real. Truthfully, they awaken us, by expanding our perception, to a greater reality. The reality of what's really true and false, making us better able to discern the differences. Remember, the mirage doesn't trick the viewer.

In Hindu Philosophy The word "illusion" is used to denote different aspects in Hindu philosophy. Many monist philosophies clearly demarcate illusion from truth and falsehood. Per advaita philosophy, illusion is something which is not true and not false. Whereas in general usage it is common to assume that illusion is false, Hindu philosophy makes a distinction between Maya (illusion) and falsehood.

il·lu·sion iˈlo͞oZHən/noun 1. a thing that is or is likely to be wrongly perceived or interpreted by the senses.