The Age of Aquarius

In astrology, the Age of Aquarius is one of the twelve astrological ages. According to astrologers, it is either the next age to come, or else it is the current age. Each astrological age is approximately 2,150 years long.
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The following is great commentary by Jungian author Edward Edinger regarding Carl Jung's philosophy on the impact of the Aquarian Age.

Carl G. Jung and Aion, Researches into the Phenomenology of the Self
If my reading of the symbolism of [Jung's] Aion is correct, the aeon of Aquarius will generate individual water carriers. This will mean that the psyche will no longer be carried by religious communities but instead it will be carried by conscious individuals.
This is the idea Jung puts forward in his notion of a continuing incarnation, the idea that individuals are to become the incarnating vessels of the Holy Spirit on an ongoing basis."
- taken from the Commentary of Aion Lectures written by Jungian author Edward Edinger
General views
According to Albert Amao, Ph.D.
Amao states that the transition period between any two ages is based on two degrees' leeway at the point of intersection of two adjoining zodiacal constellations.[12] Based on this transitional structure, Amao has the Age of Aquarius commencing in 1948 with the transitional period from the Pisces age to Aquarian age covering the period 1876 to 2020.

Key characteristics of the Aquarian age according to Amao
Science; disbelief in God; knowledge and reason; freedom and equality, equality of the sexes and of religion; space exploration, supremacy of the USA over the former Pisces supremacy of Europe; and finally revelation of the Mystery.[14]

Mayan Long Count calendar
Amao also states that the Mayan Long Count calendar, that has an end-date of December 21, 2012, is associated with precession of the equinoxes and therefore can provide an important demarcation for the Age of Aquarius. Amao is fully convinced that we lie at the threshold of the Aquarian age.[15]

The Dark Side (Orwellian Nightmare)
How do we know if the Age of Aquarius will be 'a utopia or an Orwellian nightmare?'
- Ray Grasse
Neil Spencer also questions the New Age utopian view of the Age of Aquarius with the modern astrological perspective that each sign is different but equal. Possible negative examples of Aquarius include dumbed-down media and consumerism and rapacious international corporations. Finally, Spencer states that nuclear power must be a manifestation of the Aquarian Age and comments on the parallel between the 25,000 years it takes for uranium to decay with the 26,000 cycle of the astrological ages.[16]
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